Monday, February 02, 2009

Kneeling Tall

I recently had the privilege of attending a Catholic Men's Conference. There were about 1100 men, mostly from my archdiocese but also from surrounding ones. One of the speakers was a dedicated priest who had been one of the main drivers behind the Conferences for the seven years of their existence. We knew and loved this priest, deeply appreciating his wholehearted devotion to Christ and the example it set for us as men. When his talk was announced, the entire group of us sprang to our feet in a spontaneous ovation. He came forward and didn't even look at us, instead turning and kneeling, head bowed, toward the Tabernacle and the Crucifix above it. He stayed that way until the applause tapered off (which took some time), and when he rose, he pointed toward the Cross and reminded us, "If I've done anything good, it's been all Him."

Kneeling isn't done much these days. Our egos don't like it. But this brief, barely verbal sermon served as a reminder of what nobility and honor truly are, and how high a man stands when he kneels before the Throne of God and bows beneath His mighty sceptre. If that faithful priest perseveres, which I trust and pray he will, Christ Himself will raise him up and bestow on him the honor his fidelity deserves.

May we all grow in that kind of devotion and humility.

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