Thursday, January 22, 2009

No change, little hope

Kissing the – ah – ring of the pro-abortionists who worked so hard to elect him, one of Barack Obama's first actions as President was against unborn children. As a largely symbolic action, within hours of his inauguration his staff had stripped from the White House website the document published by President Bush proclaiming January 18th National Sanctity of Human Life Day. In a practical action with direct and deadly consequences for the unborn, Obama is expected to sign orders reversing the Mexico City Policy which forbid Federal funds from going to organizations that promote or provide abortions overseas. This policy was first promulgated by President Reagan, sustained by Bush 41, reversed by Clinton, then reinstated by Bush 43. Now it will be reversed again by Obama, and American taxpayer dollars will once again support the spread of abortions around the world.

There is a symbolic aspect to this, as well: Obama plans to sign the order on Thursday, January 22nd – the 36th anniversary of the publication of the infamous Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton decisions which struck down all state-level protections for unborn children across America. While thousands of pro-life marchers clog the Mall for the annual March for Life, he will be signing his order putting the authority and resources of America behind the spread of the Culture of Death.

If this seems like a small thing, consider this: with increased federal funding, pro-abortion organizations will be able to hire counselors and clinic staffers, who will advise poor women in other countries that abortion is their best option. They will be able to hire lobbyists and policy advisors to guide lawmakers and bureaucrats on best ways to liberalize abortion laws. As they have here in America, they will work to undermine the authority of families, churches, and other protections for women. The resources of the country that is supposed to stand for liberty and justice will be used to further the cause of oppression and violence against the weakest in the world.

Those Christians who voted for Obama – especially Catholics – should take careful note. Those of us who listened beyond the “hope” and “change” mantras knew full well that Obama would do this – he promised his pro-abortion supporters several times that he would. If you voted for him despite this public promise, if you were so dazzled by the fawning media adulation and the glitzy aura built around him, I'd love to know how you think you're going to answer before the Throne of Christ for helping put this man in the Oval Office.

Because you will have to.

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